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Date:                  2011-10-14 03:00
Location:              Borgata     Casino
Game:                  2-5 No Limit Hold 'Em
Length:                2h 0m
Buy in ($):            $500.00
Cash out ($):          $1010.00
Return ($):            $510.00
Win rate ($/hr):      $255.00
Session Notes:          EMINEM IS STILL KING DAY


Some of Eminem’s recent work hasn’t made me too happy but this freestyle from the 2011 Cypher shows that he is the still the best rapper in the game ……. Even if Royce the 5 ‘ 9 wrote this as he claimed

the delivery and flow and performance is still there and that’s Eminem ….. This is where I like Emimen ….. just a beat and a mike …. no background vocals or singing or some of the other bullshit he’s been doing ….

He has a song called F$$%in Crazy that I think is his best work — it’s from 2001  ……


Lose Yourself was hot too but that’s an obvious choice ……

Anyway Eminem still shows that on any given day he can be the baddest rapper alive  …..


I’ve transcribed his verse


U bout to see peace destroyed
It’ll never be restored
When I unleash these beastly  hordes on your Cd stores
Chu Wanna stop it ure gonna need a priest at least 3 swords
A license to Ill From the Beastie Boys 3 Ouija boards and a squeegee
And Please be warned don’t ask what the squeegee’s for
Or the holy water
Acid rap that’ll eat these floors
Eat a hole in the rhyme book
U see these horns
And as for me u ask when I’m  gone will he be mourned

Is puke Luke warm
Should Casey Anthony do porn
Can that chick fit a new born
Dead baby inside a Freakin shoe box wit a shoe horn
Smothered in chloroform
So she can go get her groove on

Can she duck tape and Velcro a fetus
Joelle yo tell Joe  I’m  need his empty box from his old shell toes Adidas
So I can put these babies in the fetal position
They gettin elbows to the penis
Yeah big deal
I took some little kids big wheel and spit in his freaking big kids  meal
Quit trying to bite me and pinch  u inch sit still
U just put ure six inch heel thru my benz windshield

Is it dust we bout to kick up
Can yellow wolf fit a fifth of rum in  a big cup
Between the stickshift in his freakin pick up
And drink like a hick redneck hillbilly will til he gets Hic cups

Flipping the script up like mike Vick getting bit it his junk by a  pit Yup I’m a sic pup
I be a horrible magician Cuz I fuck a trick up
Fix y’all lips up to say something fly or zip up
A B let’s C
U said ure gonna do X Y Z
Til u fuck around and dropped like an E
When u add a I N G
Don’t put a K in front a that though
When I MC
Cuz I’m not the king of this microphone booth
Its More like a phone booth
superman in this bitch
Kryptonite won’t do
It’s gives me more power
I bump the fat boys n
And eat rap poison
Take meteor shows

Fresh out of the mental hospital
or me not flossing a middle finger
While I hop in a box’ ll
Be Like Nas doing gospel or R n. B
You crazy
Me pushin up daisies
That thought is impossible
And it flashin across the news
Posdenous was caught wit a prostitute
With a huge Johnson boobs and a monstrous tube a lube
In a bra some boots some panties and a aqua blue madza
Swallowing a Popsicle  Playing tonsil pool

So kill the rumors it aint happening I m a rap til I’m fossil fuel





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