GETTING ANNOYED DAY Reviewed by Momizat on .  Date:     2013-02-03 10:30  Location:     Borgata  Casino  Game:     $10-20 Omaha Hi-Lo  Length:     7h 0m  Buy in ($):     2000.00  Cash out ($):     1400.00  Date:     2013-02-03 10:30  Location:     Borgata  Casino  Game:     $10-20 Omaha Hi-Lo  Length:     7h 0m  Buy in ($):     2000.00  Cash out ($):     1400.00 Rating:
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 Date:                2013-02-03 10:30
 Location:            Borgata  Casino
 Game:                $10-20 Omaha Hi-Lo
 Length:              7h 0m
 Buy in ($):          2000.00
 Cash out ($):        1400.00
 Return ($):          -600.00
 Win rate ($/hr):     -85.71 / Hr

Session Notes:

“Getting annoyed”.

What happens when you start losing and playing bad before you get paranoid from not being able to control the outcome of the hands your playing.

Decided to play 1-2 … not trying to dig a serious hole at the beginning of the month. I wind up making some loose calls at 1 – 2 sometimes because I can tell the players I’m playing with are novices.

That’s what happened today. I made a call with an over pair on a board with trips because i just didn’t believe the player had the hand. He didn’t have trips but he raised me on the flop and then turned a straight. So my initial read was right but I stuck with it too long and called his all -in bet after I raised him on the turn.

I’m not playing very well right now.  If I had to check my records it would probably say I don’t play very well at the beginning of the month.

I decide to switch up and play $10-20 Omaha for a while …. I run better at first and then get buried in that game for $600 and have to go home and get more money to keep playing. That drive home wasn’t any fun. The game was good though so I was determined to keep going even though I was tired. I was fortunate to get at least some of my scrilla back and wound up only being stuck $600 for the day.

I played bad in the Omaha game. I went on tilt for one hand and paid someone off I have no business giving any action to. I say to myself that being tired doesn’t affect my play but I’m not sure I believe it.

I quit to watch the Super Bowl. Humorless post but I like I said I’m getting annoyed.

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