FOOD ON THE FLOOR DAY Reviewed by Momizat on . Date:                 2013-02-24 11:00 Location:           PARX CASINO Game:                6-12  Omaha H/L Mixed Length:              10h 0m Buy in ($):        Date:                 2013-02-24 11:00 Location:           PARX CASINO Game:                6-12  Omaha H/L Mixed Length:              10h 0m Buy in ($):        Rating:
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Date:                 2013-02-24 11:00
 Location:            PARX CASINO
 Game:                6-12  Omaha H/L Mixed
 Length:              10h 0m
 Buy in ($):          600.00
 Cash out ($):        1005.00
 Return ($):          405.00
 Win rate ($/hr):     40.50

Session Notes:

Today I had an incident where I moved from the must-move game to main game and I spilled my salad on the floor in the process. I had been saving the salad (grilled chicken w/ garden vegetables) and I was pissed when it spilled on the floor, mainly because the guy next to me in the game was trying to move into my seat so fast that he helped me spill it —- then started looking at the ceiling like he was Stevie Wonder.

Meanwhile I moved to the main game and left the spill on the floor. It wasn’t a huge spill but it was large enough to look real ghetto, complete with salad dressing as well as vegetables.  I got caught up the my first hand at the main table and never went to clean it up. It turned to into a huge CNN news story after five minutes — when one of the players stood up and says ” Who does that ? “

That’s when I realized that I had left it on the floor.

In the back of my mind I was thinking the people that work here would clean it up — they are always running around grabbing your food while it’s on the tray before you’re actually finished eating so I didn’t think there was any way they would not get to this huge opportunity to clean up some trash.

After the huge outcry “WHO DOES THAT!?” I felt pretty embarrassed because I was the only black guy in the game and I had left the floor dirty with chicken salad. Now I would have to go clean it up like Aunt Jemima in front of the whole table (obviously it was my mess) and for some reason I couldn’t move my ass from the seat. It was pretty traumatic. I’ve heard the tone on those “Who Does That?!” public outcries and I swear I thought I was on the set of the Color Purple.

As it turns out the person who wanted to sit in the seat wound up cleaning it up and I later apologized to them because I didn’t clean it up myself. I couldn’t explain what had happened — it was like 33% — I really had forgot , 33% — I was pissed I lost my salad and 33% — I thought the cleaning people would get it.  It all happened really fast but became this huge incident complete with racial overtones.

It wasn’t funny at the time but it’s funny now as I read it back.


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