BLOWN OUT DAY Reviewed by Momizat on .  Date:               2013-02-25 21:37  Location:             PARX CASINO  Game:                 $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed  Length:               9h 0m  Buy in ($):   Date:               2013-02-25 21:37  Location:             PARX CASINO  Game:                 $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed  Length:               9h 0m  Buy in ($):  Rating:
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 Date:                 2013-02-25 21:37
 Location:             PARX CASINO
 Game:                 $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed
 Length:               9h 0m
 Buy in ($):           1000.00
 Cash out ($):         0.00
 Return ($):          -1000.00
 Win rate ($/hr):     -111.11

Session Notes:

Today I lost the most money I’ve ever lost in this  particular game. I call those days “Blow Out” days because u lose the biggest chunks of your whole bankroll on those days when absolute nothing goes right cardwise and you don’t have the sense to get the hell up. My personality doesn’t bode well for those type of sessions either because I tend to wanna play until I win a hand. The more I play I realize that my life would be totally different if I had the sense to cut those days short. Every gambler remembers the days they got “blown out” and had their hugest hits on the Richter Scale.

Today was significant because I’m actually trying to follow some bankroll strategy and play in the smallest, most stable game I can find. Even on top of that I realize you have to have some sort of stop loss strategy because your income is based on random events that can go negative at any moment.  I have a “stop loss” strategy but I ignored it today and I let players who don’t normally beat me tune me up. There are some characteristics of losing sessions , particularly “Blow Out” sessions that are common in nature but I’m gonna save them for my consulting phone line. What I will say is that if it stands that you will have days where you win big due to random events falling in your favor the opposite holds to be true. The question is whether you can recognize both and stay longer on the hand and leave early on the other.

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