GOVERNOR CHRISTIE DAY Reviewed by Momizat on .  Date:               2013-02-26 23:17  Location:            PARX CASINO  Game:                $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed  Length:              10h 0m  Buy in ($):    Date:               2013-02-26 23:17  Location:            PARX CASINO  Game:                $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed  Length:              10h 0m  Buy in ($):   Rating:
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 Date:                2013-02-26 23:17
 Location:            PARX CASINO
 Game:                $6-12 Omaha H/L Mixed
 Length:              10h 0m
 Buy in ($):          600.00
 Cash out ($):        900.00
 Return ($):          300.00
 Win rate ($/hr):     30.00

Session Notes:

New Jersey is headed for Internet gaming. I can’t tell whether this is good or bad. I don’t think about things for myself as much anymore as I do for society as a whole. I gotta believe it’s bad. I have doubts about trusting that the players won’t be cheating in a way that’s synonymous with breathing. I don’t trust it. I think it’s gonna destroy alot of lives. I don’t trust that people, particularly young people, will have the disciplne or the sense required to deal with Internet gambling. As far as I’m concerned Online is the Devil.

That has to sound absurd coming from someone who gambles for a living when gambling is available now. The difference is it’s monitored for adults. Also we are in or coming out of a recession. People will be more inclined to cheat due to financial pressures and the fact that the cheating scandals were fueled by the online community themselves (aka Full Tilt).

The states are gonna tax the winnings on the computer up front and to the fullest extent. The beauty of gambling up until this point was that there are no taxes involved until you report them. That may be a selfish point.

The larger problem is that our government can’t find ways to tax the public so one solution is to make gambling available in everyone’s home all behind the idea of generating revenue. I’ve been gambling long enough to know that there will be casualties. If anyone thinks that people won’t be negatively affected by government endorsed gambling in everyones home with a computer they are sadly naive.

Let’s take the alcohol argument. You can have a drink in your own home until your hearts content. Everyone knows there are alcoholics though because not everyone can handle that freedom. The same will be said for gambling.

As I get older sometimes I realize that one day I’m gonna die and this stuff is not gonna be my problem. I wonder if that’s how our lawmakers see it sometimes. I’m not saying they are being irresponsible —- it’s just I know that when it comes to gambling everyone can’t win. It doesn’t work that way. Survival of the fittest ? Survival of the luckiest? I guess we are gonna find out.

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