PARX BIG STAX II MAIN EVENT : SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY Reviewed by Momizat on . Date:                     2013-05-18 12:00 Location:                PARX CASINO Type:                    Tournament MT Game:                    No Limit  Hold ' Date:                     2013-05-18 12:00 Location:                PARX CASINO Type:                    Tournament MT Game:                    No Limit  Hold ' Rating:


Date:                     2013-05-18 12:00
 Location:                PARX CASINO
 Type:                    Tournament MT
 Game:                    No Limit  Hold 'Em
 Length:                  18h 0m
 Buy in ($):              1600.00
 Cash out ($):            0.00
 Number of Opponents:     320
 Placement:               32
 Return ($):             -1600.00
 Win rate ($/hr):        -88.89

Session Notes:
The main event …. wait first things first …. I haven’t been blogging when I should have ….. the reasons I haven’t been blogging are in no particular order —
a) I hate poker
b) I thought my blog was going to show the ups and downs in poker not some endless low – limit grind
c) I haven’t recovered from moving back to Philly and I’m totally discombobulated
d) Dealing with this real estate property has been a nightmare and had me too stressed to write about it
e) once you stop blogging for a while its real easy to get lazy and stay lazy

Back to the tournament …. btw I placed 23rd in the Parx Big Stax $500 buy-in for $1770 last Thursday so I’m in tournament mode ….

the main event was going along OK …. I had chips early …. I got in a big hand with some of the dead money in the tournament early and doubled up from the original 50 K to 100 k by level 4 ….

I proceeded to try and box and weave for the rest of the day without any real hands and I was taking the worst out of it but still hanging in there ….. Then I get Kings on the button and 3 bet the player who just moved to my table …. he had Aces and I lose that pot …. this is significant because ?

I start the day 2 with 50 k by a major miracle ,,,,,, I am the shortest stack in the tournament with 85 players left ….. I grind it up to 350 K with 32 players left when I get 2 kings on the buttton and 3 bet the player to my left who opened with a raise to 25K when the blinds where 6- 12K … I made it 75 K with the idea of taking it down right there … The small blind (who has knocked out 2 players at our table and has played 8 out of the last 12 hands) now goes all – in and has me covered.

I felt like the guy had 2 aces and I could be jammed again because the action happened pretty quickly but in poker you are dealing with incomplete information and you never can be sure so I called pretty quickly …. I felt like the player was a donkey anyway ( it’s some one I had a history with) and even though he was running hot I’m not sure I could ever fold two Kings to him …. He had two Aces and I got no help although I did flop some kind of straight draw ….

I went home thinking about if I was exceptional player I would have folded those 2 kings but I’m just not that good yet ….. I was 5 places away from the money and the 27th place prize was $4k …. In a cash game if someone went all-in after a raise and a re-raise by me and we were 4 grand deep I would sail those 2 kings in the muck like two frisbees ……

So why didn’t i do it ? I couldn’t believe that something that unlikely ( Aces vs Kings) could happen to the same person in the same spot twice in 24 hours …. I let the actions from the previous day influence the decision I had to make today which is retarded because poker is about managing random events ….

I remember when one of the O.G.’s (original gamblers) I talked to coming up told me he ran bad for 3 years …. it was funny and poignant at the same time because I remember thinking in my head there’s no way you can run bad for 3 years —- I wanted to tell the guy “you must have been playing bad” …. i never forget it because whe he said I ran bad for 3 years he named the years like “I ran bad from 1988 to 1991″ — I always remember he said the years out loud ….

I feel like I’m in the zone … I can see the hands happening in slow motion …. I have a real good read on what’s happening on almost all the hands I see whether I’m playing them or watching them …. but I can’t get in a good run at the end of a tournament to save my life and there is really no law that says that’s going to change …. people are conditioned to think positive and believe good things are supposed to happen in the long run but we all think the long run is short … the long run is the long run


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