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About The BLOG

My name is Joe Simmons. I am working professional poker player, among other things. I am not Tom “Durrr” Dwan. I only point out that I’m not Mr. “Durrr” because I read on a poker website he was up five million one year (online play). He’s the prototype player of the poker boom ; young Internet kid who can’t miss. I, on the other hand, rarely play online – I play in the casinos.  (Note: I wrote this intro in 2006 – before “Black Friday” – the shutdown of poker on the Internet. )

I’ve been playing poker for 11 years now and I have had moderate success. In fact, many people would say I have been very successful. I have generated over eight hundred thousand in income from tournament play during that time period and made it to a television spot on the coveted World Poker Tour.

During that time I have also made a living playing in cash games all over the country playing almost every game that’s offered.

The poker world, however, is rife with volatility. “Easy Come, Easy Go” – that’s the saying. In the 11 years I’ve been playing I have had my bankroll as high as four hundred and fifty thousand and I have gone broke three times.


My main issue has been money management. Second, playing above my bankroll in games that I could no longer afford because I wanted to a) get my money back and b) be known as a high limit player. My ego probably cost me a hundred thousand. Third, a huge chunk of my money went to tournament fees. The year my bankroll was the highest was also the year I spent the most in tournaments. This is when major tournament buy-ins were ten grand a pop. Add a World Series summer in Vegas and our hero has spent $175k , all under the disillusion that it’s the cost of doing business when you are trying to make a million dollars playing cards. Again, in case u think I’m completely insane this was in 2006-2007 before the economy tanked.

Note : Between the years of 2003-2007 when poker exploded on television and the economy was good, there were untold sums of money that use to fly back and forth – not only across the table – but also between people borrowing from each other.  I’m sure that era will be looked on as the Golden era – the Poker Dot Com era – or something to that effect.  I try to explain it to people but you had to be there to really believe what was going on.

As for now, I’ve learned how to manage my money better.  I had a fortunate investment come my way in the form of an inheritance and it allowed me to start over.  I took some time off from gambling and I figured out what I have that I have to use to my advantage.  Wisdom. Experience.  You can only get it by going thru some trials.  If you haven’t been playing poker that long (for a living or otherwise)  you can’t possibly know what I know.  I’m not bragging.  What I’ve been thru should be avoided.  So how do you do that?  The real question is how can this site help u?

  • I’m not going to teach anyone how to play poker better. Every man (or woman) for himself when it comes to that. THIS WAS MY APPROACH IN THE PAST.  I’ve changed that direction 180 degrees.  I WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW.  My approach has changed for two reasons.  1) I’ve figured out how to sell that information.  2) The market for poker players has increased to the point I’m not afraid of holding what I know in a bottle anymore.
  • FOLLOWING THIS BLOG WILL INCREASE YOUR HOURLY WAGE.  Fact: Most poker players don’t win. They can’t beat the other poker players and the rake.  Fact: No limit Hold’em  is vicious.  The best players take ALL of the money out of the game. I’m considered an excellent poker player by some.  In fact, in the 2-5 no limit games at the Borgata in AC (where I used to play regularly ) no one really wants me at their table.  I can beat the game and I have.  If you follow this blog I will show you how I do it.
  • I play all the games.  No Limit Holdem, Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha, Stud, Stud 8 or Better, Razz, Triple-Draw.  I am offering poker coaching thru my Ether Consulting line.
  • I will discuss my  issues with the poker lifestyle. Things like how to buy a car (or house for that matter) when no bank will give you a loan, The IRS, how to keep the energy positive in the game while you’re playing, health care, entrepreneurship on a poker bankroll, etc.  I put my insights in my blog along with my records from each session.
  • A blog is the perfect place for discussing poker because the blog changes daily and so does poker. New poker information is absorbed by the players and the game changes again. You can check out the STUCKFROMPOKER FORUM for this.
  • I have a HOW TO … section that will discuss how to win regarding specific poker situations.
  • Having a half a million dollars is a surreal experience.  The truth is money doesn’t necessary equal happiness.   I was addicted to consumerism.  Now, I’m addicted to frugality.  Saving money is the new sport.  The recession had a profound effect on me. I woke up.  My RECOMMENDATIONS section lists the lifestyle gatekeepers I use to keep from going broke : REVENUE STREAMS are my entrepreneurial pursuits in action.
  • I read a lot. I follow other blogs.  Any one that can teach me how to make money or save money catches my attention after the tailspin I went thru.  I translate what I read to how it pertains to gamblers — living off a bankroll, in particular.   I put these posts under the FRUGALITY category.  Some excellent reads from the money information highway are Bankrate.com, Money Talk News, and my current favorite, THE MONEY MUSTACHE BLOG ( see the BlogRoll).  Going broke happens when you spend too much – when you don’t have a plan – when you run bad and when the combination of those things starts to take a mental and physical toll.  I will show you what to do with your money so you  avoid these pitfalls. That’s what the research is for.
  • There is usually no recourse for the dark side of gambling besides 1-800-GAMBLING.  If poker is truly a game of skill, with chance incorporated, it stands to reason there should be a haven before the cliff.  Maybe at the haven you can change direction and figure some things out.  I talked to experience gamblers who helped me do just that.  That is the purpose of this blog.