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 Date:      2013-06-20 20:00 at Parx Casino
 Game:      $6-12  Omaha H/L Mixed
 -$96.00 /  8h = -12.00 / hr

All that being said, I had a conversation this week with one of my boys whose gambling in Florida.  We were reminiscing about the good ole days.   I told him I remember when I was trying to make $2000 a day, like that was a good day.  Now I'm trying to make $2000 a month.  He told me " he was sitting in his hotel room, staring at the TV --- thinking about if he could/should sell it."  He said he had just dropped 12 grand straight.  I told him I feel your pain but the last time I had 12 grand was in January.  Life of a gambler jokes.



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